Alongside with our lifestyle and nutrition, the blood type plays an important role in our bodies. There are four blood types: A, B, AB, O and our blood type forms while we are still in the womb, therefore we cannot affect it in any way later on in life. Each blood type has unique characteristics which can affect weight loss, certain diseases, and even the personality. What’s more, knowing the characteristics of a specific blood type can aid in planning the adequate nutrition which will improve your health.

Blood type and nutrition

During the entire day, chemical reaction happen in our bodies and the blood type can be crucial when it comes to digestion or weight loss. For example, it is recommended that people with blood type O consume high protein nutrition such as meat and fish, whereas blood type A does not require meal consumption at all, since vegetables are more suitable for them. Furthermore, people with blood type B need to avoid chicken meat and consume red meat more, whereas group AB will benefit from sea foods and lean meat.

Blood type and diseases

Due to the different formation of antigens on the surface of red blood cells, every blood type is different. Moreover, this is why every blood group is resistant to one type of disease, while being susceptive to some other type. So, knowing the characteristics of blood types can aid in prevention of specific diseases.

Blood type and personality

Did you know that the blood type you have affects your personality? For example, people with blood type O are considered as extraverts, creative, social, and confident. Furthermore, people with blood type A are peaceful, artistically-minded, and trustworthy. People who are dedicated to their goals, strong, and are independent are usually people with blood type B. And, people with blood type AB are reliable, shy, responsible, and like to take care of others.

Blood type and pregnancy

It has been documented that women with a specific blood type group have bigger chances of getting pregnant than other types. Moreover, women with AB blood type produce less follicle stimulating hormone which helps women to conceive more easily.

Blood type and stress susceptibility

Stress tolerance also depends on the blood type. Blood type A produces more Cortisol-stress hormone. If you have met someone who easily gets furious, it is probably a person with blood type O. Moreover, they have a higher level of adrenalin and need more time to recuperate from stressful situations.

Blood antigens

Blood antigens are not only present in the blood, but also in the digestive tract, from the mouth to the colon, and even in the nostrils and lungs.

Blood type and abdomen

Some people do not have to worry about belly fat, since their blood type guarantees that this will not be a problematic area for them. People with blood type A digest carbohydrates easily, so these people rarely have belly fat. On the other hand, due to more difficult digestion of carbohydrates, people with blood type O are more prone to belly fat.

Blood type and marriage

Before you decide to get married, check your partner’s blood type group, since when it comes to planning children, some blood types should not get mixed. For example, people with A and B blood type should not mix. According to the RH factor, RH+ and RH- should not be mixed. Due to this reason, a lot of states require couples, who intend to get married, to do a blood test first.

Blood type and exercise

Since A group is more prone to stress, they need relaxing and calming exercises, so yoga and meditation are recommended for them. Furthermore, people with blood type B like challenges for their body and spirit, so they tend to perform activities for balance of these two such as tennis, mountain climbing, and martial arts.

Blood type and emergencies

It is recommendable to always carry information such as your name, surname, address, phone number, and blood type with you. In case of an accident, and you are in a hospital, most probably, you will need a blood transfusion. Considering the fact that blood can only be accepted from those blood types that are compatible with yours, information about your blood type can be crucial in such moments.

source: HealthTipsSource