Nowadays we all live fast and dynamic life. We rarely have time for ourselves, irregular and unhealthy eating is causing problems with our health.

Below is a list of tips and tricks how to live longer and even blow hundred candles on your birthday cake.


100 and Beyond – Simple Tips for Healthy and Long Life
1. Make yourself a cup of tea.

One bag of tea contains antioxidants called polyphenol, which help your body to fight against heart disease, cancer and premature aging. Israeli study discovered that people who drink often tea live longer than those who don’t.

2. Balance yourself on one leg every morning

Maybe it sounds crazy, but standing on one leg while dressing in the morning forces your body to balance and tightens the muscles that support your spine.

3. Practice sex at least twice a week

Researches show that couples who have more sex live longer and look younger. Sex reduces stress, makes us more satisfied and allows better sleep.

4. Eat three walnuts daily

Walnuts are very healthy, they contain the key ingredients to combat various diseases and antioksidans against aging.

5. Use less sunscreen but watch out from burning.

The sun nourishes our skin with vitamin D, which is crucial for reducing the risk of cancer. It’s recommended daily 15 to 20 minutes tanning.

6. Have a few good friends you can count on.

Developing a close friendship and relationship in the family is one of the secrets to live up to 100 years. Friends offer emotional support and make us feel happy, it increases the amount of dopamine that affect our brain positively.

7. Stop eating when you are 80% full

People from Okinawa have lowest rating of overweight persons and highest rating of persons who are older than 100 years. Their secret is that they stop eating when they are 80% full. American’s studies shows that if you cut 1/3 of animals meal portions they will live longer

Woman with Birthday Cake

8. Go to bed one hour earlier

Lack of dream can lead in depression and heart disease. Researches shows that if you sleep one hour longer you can prevent yourself from heart attack and strokes

9. Brush your teeth regularly

Don’t chew gum, brush your teeth regularly and you may stop some heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer that are related with bad teeth.

10. Get yourself a pet

Pets can reduce stress, depression and you can live longer.

11. Sing under the shower

Singing is very healthy just like taking supplements, shows Harvard studies.

12. Stop moaning

Optimists lives 12 years longer than pessimists, and more resistant on viruses and cancer.

13 Drink apple juice

Apple juice keep your brain young, only two glasses per day and you will see the differences.

14. Have faith

Believers live longer. Faith helps people to handle stress end emotional problems, protect your heart and respiratory organs.