Banana is one of the biggest allies in the fight against excess weight. This fruit is rich in potassium and natural sugars that are a great source of energy.

Besides the natural sugars fructose, sucrose and glucose are an excellent source of energy for our body and consuming a banana suppresses false sense of hunger that often lead us to the prohibited snacks.

The fibers that are found in this fruit may boost metabolism and thus lead to faster and healthier weight loss. Bananas you can eat and drink also.

1. Banana drinks with flax seeds


-one orange

-one banana

-two tablespoons whey 

-two tablespoons of flax-seed3 Healthy Drinks With Banana For Weight Loss

2. Banana with berries


-one banana

-one cup of berries

-one teaspoon of honey 

-one teaspoon ginger scrubbed

-half a cup of lukewarm water

3. Banana drinks with spinach


-one banana,

-20 grams/0.7 oz of fresh spinach

-half a cup of yogurt

-third cup of oatmeal

-one teaspoon of honey

The preparation of these drinks is the same for all types, it is only necessary to insert the ingredients in a blender and grind.

These healthy drinks to consume in the morning for breakfast because then the body best absorbs and identifies the ingredients that will make this case a real invasion of your fat pads deposited around the waist.

source: Healthy Life Tricks