The following exercises will help you to develop skills feelings and perceptions of their own energy, and then the introduction of universal energy in your body.

1. How do you feel your energy

● Rub the palms circular motions to feel that heat is produced. This is your own energy.

● Now apart hands on about five centimeters, palm facing the palm of your hand. Push hands toward each other and that it does not move – that is, visualize how you push your hands toward each other. You will feel resistance, such as resistance to two magnets that refuse one another.

● Spread hands at different distances and you will feel the same resistance.

● Determine the distance at which you can separate the palms, and still feel their energy. With some practice, you will be able to increase the distance as you become more sensitive to energy.img_9258

2. How to see your energy

● On a dark background, raise hands before his eyes, so that the tips of the fingers of one hand not point the finger tips the other hand, a distance of about two inches.

● Launch fingers slowly up and down and back and forth. Think of the energy that flows from one fingertip to another. You will see that between them runs a fine line energy. It you may initially seem like a hazy tape.

Perform this exercise on a background of different colors. With some practice, you will clearly see the energy flow.

3. How is the self brings universal energy

● Imagine you all the energy of the universe circulating around the head, and that is available for use.

● Enter the energy through the scalp and gather it in the heart.

● Send the energy in the field of heart down the right hand, the fingertips of his right hand in the fingers of his left hand, then with the left arm, all the way to the heart.

● Continue to visualize the flow of energy as a circle: from the heart to the right hand, right hand, the fingers on his right hand, until the fingers on the left hand, over her left arm, all the way to the heart.

Initially, you may only see a faint line. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will, with a little practice, see molded flow of energy