Acupressure – it is a complex medical technology.

Acupuncture and acupressure are helping people for thousand years to solve health problems. In short, the logic of the matter is that every organ of our body directly, using the energy channels, connected to certain points on the body.

If you want to improve the working of the internal organs, it is necessary only to find their particular point, and regularly massaging.

If you follow this routine, as a result, you will become a much more vigorous in the bottom stream, and excess fat will begin to slowly eliminate the interruption and its accumulation. You will begin to control your appetite and you will create a completely new, healthy outlook on life.

Points on the body that will rid you of excess weight:

1. Ear

Massaging these points provides acceleration of metabolism, which contributes to weight loss in all parts of the body. It should be massaged with the thumb for 3 minutes three times a day, with the same pressure on the ear.4 Points on the Body That Will Help You to Get Rid of Excess Weight

2. Face

This point is located exactly between the nose and upper lip. It must be stimulated twice daily, for 5 minutes each. This massage helps to control hunger and nervousness.4 Points on the Body That Will Help You to Get Rid of Excess Weight

3. Hand

This is a key point on the body, through which they are passing up all your inner energy. Massaging it, freeing the body of excess body heat and help improve bowel movements. Massage this point for one minute 3 times a day.

4. Leg4 Points on the Body That Will Help You to Get Rid of Excess Weight

This point is most widely used in acupuncture. It’s called Zu San Li. It improves digestion and helps in suppressing inflammatory processes in the body. They call it the point of longevity or point against hundreds of diseases. It is located below the kneecap.

Point is located between the ends of the little and ring fingers, in the form of small depressions between the bones. A daily massage in the evening is suitable for weight loss – 400-500 grams 17.6 oz per week.

Massage is 9 times in a circular motion in a clockwise direction on each leg, alternating (9 times on one, but 9 times per second). When you press this point you should feel a slight discomfort, even pain easy, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect.

source: TheBestHealthyHabits