There are a lot of delicious drinks with great flavors that can take care of your body shape. They don’t help you just with losing calories, also for better digestion.

Flavored Water

The water is the most important ally for a healthy lifestyle. Beside other things it helps you for digestion and it absorbs food. Also it is removing wasted substances from your intestines and kidneys, and will give you a longer feeling of satiety.

Squeeze some lemons in the water to achieve similar composition as gastric acid. Or add grated ginger to speed up your metabolism.

Mint tea

Mint helps the stomach to absorb the fats in it, stimulate the metabolism and decreases appetite. Mint is also great for oral hygiene, because of its aromatic fragrance that refreshes your breath. This is why it’s a regular component in toothpastes.

Smoothie pineapple

The enzyme bromelain contained in pineapple will help in the digestion of proteins and eliminate flatulence. In pineapple drinks you can also add flax-seed oil to increase the efficiency.

Green tea

Green tea has become the raw material for extracts used in various beverages and dietary supplements. Drink it before you exercise, especially aerobic, in order to enhance fat loss.

Biggest reason for consuming at least one cup of tea daily is that green tea has its ability for reducing cholesterol and risk of cancer.

source: Wikipedia