Like their owners, pets like to feel closeness and warmth, especially during the night. Therefore it is not surprising that many people allow their furry friends, namely cats and dogs to sleep with them.


1. Reduced stress

Pets reduce stress levels, and increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress and reduces the production of ‘guilty’ for the stress hormone cortisol. A similar effect has cuddling and sleeping with a pet.

2. Sense of security

The animals have a much stronger sense of why people give us a sense of security. Smell you, he overhears or otherwise feels that something is happening around your home, or felt any danger, you can be sure that will alert you to this.

3. Heat and convenience

Furry friend can keep you warm on cold nights, and the pet will also be warmer.

4. Better connection with your dog

Sleeping with your pet will be associated with him and become even better friends. This connection can lead to the fact that sleeps habits to your pet will align with your sleep habits. This means that the animals sleep during the night and will wake you up.


1. Intermittent dream

Dogs and cats have different sleep schedule than people why are quite restless partners sleep. Often they wake up earlier than humans, especially cats because they are night animals. Dog turning in the middle of the night also can begin to bark or growl about something that happens out there.

2. Dirty bed

Cats are known to be very clean animals, also dogs are clean if they live in the house and apartment, you should not have any problems with dirt if you clean the paws after a walk.

3. Heavy quitting

When a dog or cat get used to sleep with you, may be difficult to wean from it. Cats are especially decisive in its intentions but will mew or scratch the bedroom door until you loosen.

4. Possible allergies

Do you have the mildest form of allergies to your pet’s fur, sharing the bed with him is not recommended. The hair, skin flakes and possible allergens that animals brought from outside can cause itching and sleepless night.