Days, weeks or even months, our body sends a warning message that it has to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, at the moment when a person realizes that he began to stroke, it’s going to be too late to prevent death or permanent damage to the heart.


The so-called “silent” heart attack, signs and symptoms that are mild and completely unrelated to heart, concerns cardiovascular expert Dr. Chonsija Krandala.
So he made a list of the worst four warning signs of a heart attack that required special attention.

1. Chest pain, although every chest pain is not necessarily a heart attack. You may feel pain in the neck, arms, back and even jaw.

2. Sweating and vomiting

3. Problems with breathing

4. Stomach problems

Statistics show a clear link between delay in treatment of the symptoms of heart attack and death or illness. Therefore, it is important to listen to your symptoms and know how to recognize what the heart wants to say.

source: Healthcareaboveall