It is known that all the calories and their consumption regardless of when you eat, or whether some foods actually have more calories than others and can do damage before bedtime.


Most people when they are hungry reaching for cereal or muesli with milk. Not all cereals are bad night selection, but most of them contain large amounts of sugar and a small amount of fiber. If at night you ate too much sugar, probably in the morning you wake up very hungry because during the night your body will produce more insulin. Instead of grains, eat Greek yogurt with cereal containing at least four grams of fiber per serving.

Mexican or Thai food

Spicy food certainly is very attractive at night, but is not recommended at bedtime. Such foods are high in calories and fat. If you have desire for such foods, eat small corn tortilla with low-fat cheese.

Cheeseburger and fries

Oily and heavy food can adversely affect your stomach because it takes a long time to digest. Morning such food can cause you feeling tired and slow you down. If you already want to eat a stronger meal late at night, make a small sandwich with turkey meat with whole wheat bread.


Not only does chocolate have a lot of calories and sugar, but it also contains caffeine, which can contribute to restless sleep. If you crave something sweet, drink hot tea or a glass of chocolate milk less fatty. If you want something more filling, take a cracker with a spoonful of cream and half a cup of milk.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks are one of the biggest sources of sugar and empty calories, so they are obviously a bad choice at any time of day. But late at night, even soft drinks without sugar can create insomnia, soda and juices can upset your stomach. Instead, before going to bed drink plenty of milk with less fat, a cup of hot tea or water.