Five signs that your body lacks sleep

Do not underestimate the significance and importance of sleep.

Your body regenerates during the night in a natural way possible to obstruct the natural rhythm and you will already see the consequences.

Below, read some of the signs that indicate that you do not sleep enough and that your body needs more sleep:five-signs-that-your-body-lacks-of-sleep

1. Dry skin. Lack of sleep makes your skin becomes dry and irritated and loses its natural elasticity.

2. Fine wrinkles. During sleep your body releases melatonin. If enough sleep, your body does not produce enough antioxidants that fight harmful radicals that cause wrinkles.

3. Pimples. The stress hormone such as cortisol that occurs when you are tired and can cause inflammation of the skin, such as pimples.

4. Lidded eyes. As the level of cortisol rises, your body in large quantities retains water. With the view that the skin on your eyelids thinnest, on it is mostly observed.

5. Weight. Lack of sleep makes your body release ghrelin, increased number of hormones makes you hungry, and at the same time it stops the production of leptin, which is responsible to tell us when we’re full.