1. Forget the bad things of the past

How many bad things in his past now you can think of? Not good if you can enumerate a lot. Many people are masters at it, bad memories and well forgotten. Try to forget all the bad things because the only way you can safely move towards a new future. Get rid of all the weight and leisure travel.Romantic-couple-drinking--014

2. Enjoy every day

Everyday life provides us with many beautiful things we often fail to see and enjoy them. The wisdom of life has only one imperative: to use every day and get away from it what is best. Only in this way you will not regret your past days, and you’ll be glad that those who come.

3. You ‘ve learned to laugh at himself

Life will not always caressing, but will sometimes send painful blows. How we witness every day. But do not order them to surrender. The ability to laugh own defeats creates resistance to frustration and helps you to better cope with the challenges. Learn to laugh at all your misses and you will see them every day will be all the less.

4. Do what is right and when others do not

When you do something, do not take it for what they think, say or do the other, but for what is right. Only in this way will be able to achieve their best and achieve success. It’s a sign that you love and respect yourself. Natural principles of water consequences of your actions and not the opinions of others. Work with them.

5. You are aware that your life story is an act of your selection

Many people look for reasons for their happiness. But when a man lives of those reasons they put very quickly be seized. Fortunately, we should  based to act of their own choosing, because  ultimately we who determine whether or not we will be happy no matter what.o-CELEBRALAVIDA-facebook