How to start a perfect day?

Follow these five simple tips to make your day truly special.perfect-day

Get some sleep first

This advice may sound trite, but nothing that does not affect our mood, as good night’s sleep. And not only that – during sleep our body repairs and regenerates. Good night’s sleep prolongs life, and it was recently discovered that the immune system works best during night sleep.

Therefore, go to bed earlier than you usually go. You’re sure that you pass the next day in an excellent mood.

2nd Rise early

Wake up early – before sunrise. Go outside (or an open window) and see the rising sun. Greet him! In many cultures, the sun is a symbol of consciousness, spirituality, vitality and prosperity. Getting up early will bring you health, well-being, serenity and protection from stress during the day.

Third Spiritual Practice

In many traditions, the day begins with a spiritual practice – and not without reason.

Start your day with meditation, saying a prayer or mantra, affirmations or any other type of spiritual practice. Spiritual activities in the morning will bring you peace and protection throughout the day.

I know, the morning is a busy time of the day – you have to prepare for a job and do lots more. But – remember! – We got up early so we can now devote 15-20 minutes a morning meditation.

4th Practice

After having devoted some time to our spiritual “I”, we need to pay attention and our physical body. Easy Exercise for 15-20 minutes. Does not force – an exercise to be enjoyable and easy.

Yoga exercises are very pleasant and are therefore particularly suitable for the early morning. To start the day is to make a favorable exercise, called “Sun Salutation”.

Fifth quality breakfast

Finally – nourishes our body so that it feels full of health and energy!

Is it possible to imagine a better breakfast of fruit? Sweet, juicy, delicious, full of vitamins and vital energy… Eat it as much as you can! Does not be limited by a kind of fruit – some on your desk is 3-4 kinds of fruit.

Do you feel rested, optimistic and strong? Do you feel around the shield of positive energy? If so – you are ready for your perfect day!