The accumulation of dead skin cells on the elbows, black knees or joints affects tanning in those places.

However, given the problem can very easily solved using certain medicines that you can make yourself.

Here are a few most effective.

Baking soda and milk

Baking soda is very effective in cleansing the skin and reduces the tanning. Milk nourishes the skin and gives it softness.

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with milk, to obtain a paste. Winning a paste, apply to problem areas and rub in a circular motion.

Repeat treatment every other day.

Sugar and olive oil

Sugar acts as an exfoliator, while olive oil hydrates the skin.

Mix equal quantities of those ingredients to get a thick paste and apply on the problem area.

Rub about five minutes and rinse with a mild soap and lukewarm water.

Lemon and honeylemon and honey

Fresh lemon juice has natural bleaching properties while honey moisturizes the skin preventing its darkening.

Mix a tablespoon of honey with the juice of one lemon. The resulting mix, apply to the problem area and after twenty minutes, rinse with water.

For best rationale behind, repeat treatment three times a week.

Vinegar and Yogurtvinagar and yogurtvinagar and yogurt

When used together, vinegar and yogurt are excellent drug that simultaneously removes dark color with elbows and hydrates the skin.

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and yogurt, and the resulting mix, apply to the problem area.

Wait until the mixture is dried and then begin to rub in a circular motion (two minutes will be enough) and rinse with lukewarm water.

Turmeric, milk and honeyturmeric_2Dmask

Turmeric has antiseptic and milk acts as a natural bleaching agent that also nourishes the skin.

Honey, of course, gives the skin the necessary moisture and also has antiseptic properties. Mix turmeric, milk and honey to obtain a paste.

Apply it on the affected area and after twenty minutes with wet hands gently rub the given area.

After two minutes, the skin, rinse with lukewarm water.