8 – Hour diet plan for weight loss. It’s recently appeared, so everyone started trying it.

Anyone can lose at least 4 pounds a week and eat everything they want.

What is the secret?

You can only eat within 8 hours.

There is a cycle in the day that you eat, people usually choose from 9 to 17 pm, although fully effective and is from 10 to 18 pm.

The interval can customize according to your daily activities, but it should be strictly obey.

At the start use this diet three times a week, and gradually increase the diet to seven days a week.8 - Hour diet plan for weight loss

How much should I eat?

In this diet you don’t have forbidden food, but you shouldn’t overeat. The only exceptions are sweat alcohol and soft drinks full of sugar.

Unlike other diets, you can have snacks between meals.

It’s recommended to do at least 8 minutes of any physical activity during the day.