In a few minutes you can make drink full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that protect the heart, keep us from cancer and aging.


– Cup of raw almonds

– A liter/ 33.8 oz of water


Cover the almonds with water and leave it there for the night. The next day you add them to the blender, with all the water, and grind until you get a milky white drink. Strain, preferably through cheesecloth and you’ve got homemade almond milk.

Keep it in the refrigerator, do not heat the milk before consumption, and keep it no longer than three days.

If you don’t like the taste, in the blender along with almonds, put a half teaspoon of honey. In the milk you can add cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla.Almond Milk - Extremely Healthy and Tasty

Except as a beverage, you can eat it with muesli or to prepare cakes and other desserts.

If you didn’t know, almond is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Almonds are actually nuts, a close relative of plums, cherries, apricots and peaches.

Almonds contain a large part of the daily recommended intake of vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids.

One hundred grams of almonds contains as much as 131 percent of our daily requirement for vitamin E, and has a layer of almond flavonoids, which together with vitamin E doubled total antioxidant activity almonds.