We all like to eat carrots, cooked, raw, does not matter.

But even though our ancestors certainly knew about the healing properties of this miraculous fruit, today’s fast food world increasingly forgotten how many carrots do the healing.

The carrots are hiding a treasure trove of health, and how much use it for a variety of conditions and diseases, learn from the text that follows.

We are sure that as of today, carrots be much more prevalent on your table …7439857916_71808be771_o

How carrots help cure cancer?

Ann Cameron has managed to cure cancer in the fourth phase only carrot juice, no chemotherapy, radiation, and changes in diet.

After surgery for cancer of the colon in the third stage, the situation have deteriorated and the cancer has metastasized to the end of 2012. lungs, which were in the fourth, the terminal stage of the disease.

They recommended her chemotherapy, no matter what she could not prolong life.

She refused, and as he studied alternative methods of treatment, was met and the information on Ralph Cole, who cured his cancer carrot juice in an amount of approx. 2 pounds of carrots per day.

Thus began my healing journey, drinking the same amount.

By the way it is sometimes in three or four days forgotten in the juice, and it’s courses are all food, even sometimes unhealthy.

So, the only change in her life was the carrot juice. In January 2013, after eight weeks of a daily drinking juice, CT showed that cancerous tumors stopped growing, there was a small reduction of the tumor and lymph node swelling.

In March 2013, no new tumors, no swollen lymph nodes, and the existing tumors continue to shrink. In July 2013, the cancer was gone, all swollen lymph nodes are cancerous returned to normal. After eight months of drinking carrot juice, the cancer are completely gone.

Her story was reported by all the world’s media, but it is not the only example, there are plenty.

In the treatment of cancerous diseases folk medicine advises all cancer patients, even in the accelerated stage of the disease to undergo burns carrots and feed her juice during the day to drink 1.5 liters of carrot juice.

The best and most natural healing effect in the prevention of cancer is, of course, and carrot juice that we take regularly each day in an amount of 1 dl.juice from carrots

How to use the carrot in different diseases

Anemia: For the treatment of anemia drink carrot juice in an amount of 3 dl per day and eat meals of carrots such as soups, salads, mashed, etc.

Arteriosclerosis: a day to drink 1.5 liters of carrot juice and then throughout the day in small sips. Curative effect of this chick thank dukarinu acting on the expansion of blood vessels.

For liver disease drink fresh carrot juice three times per day for 0.5 dl.

To remove worms in children, and in short time, children are given juice carrots in the amount of 2 dl on or grated carrots with grated apple.

For bowel diseases: poor bowel, intestinal catarrh, pests and parasites in the intestines, bloating, rumbling intestines, diarrhea, with excessive putrefaction in the intestines carrots prevents the formation of such a process for catarrh of the stomach or intestines it is one of the best remedies that with the most vulnerable people, or body quickly establishes normal functioning. It is important for the treatment of diseases of the stomach or intestine in infants.

In gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer: fasting is taken by 1 dl of juice every day and it prevents the formation of excess stomach acid, thereby removing its irritant effect on the gastric mucosa.carrots

The juice of carrots as a means to reduce stomach acid is certainly better than Pepto and baking soda. He sucks up excess stomach acid and quickly relieves heartburn without harmful effects. To this effect it is enough to drink 2.5 dl of juice.

People with rheumatism daily should drink up to 3 dl of carrot juice because it removes from the body all the toxic ingredients that enhance rheumatism and gout.

When a sore throat or initial pneumonia, colds and flu to book syrup carrot successful in the treatment of young and old people.

Carrot has Lagno laxative effect on the bowel (causing discharge), but if you drink the juice then prevents constipation.

In the sense of aging, weaker activity and weak organism, cataracts, one of the best drinks juice carrots with milk. Half a cup of milk mixed with half a cup of carrot juice drink every day, this drink rejuvenates and wins aging.