It’s healthy to drink water all has long been known.

Water is the source of life and is necessary for the performance of all functions in the body.With one word, without water there is no life.

Water not only quenches thirst, but have therapeutic powers, cleans the body and removes negative energy.

Often Shower and especially swimming removes the effects of stress, relaxes muscles and nerves and frees us from negative energy. Even there is a belief that removes and magic, spells and the like.crisp-water

Japanese traditional medicine recommended to drink water immediately after wake-up and in medicinal purposes, and scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of this practice.

The Japanese water treatment gives good results in the treatment of many diseases.

How to treat water

According to the Japanese method, water treatment should be carried out as follows.

In the morning, before brushing teeth, should drink four glasses per 160 ml of water, means a total of 640 ml.

After that 45 minutes does not need anything to eat or drink. After that normally have breakfast the next 2 hours and not eat anything.

Healing does not have negative effects and it is well practiced  all my life in order to preserve good health and fitness.

At the same time, and you should never drink cold, but hot water. Cold water compacted fat ingested food and so slows down digestion, damaging the villi and obesity.

Duration of treatment water for specific diseases

1. High blood pressure (30 days)
2. Diabetes (30 days)
3. Gastritis (10 days)
4. Constipation (10 days)
5. Tuberculosis (90 days)
6. Cancer (180 days)
7. Those suffering from arthritis, this therapy can be carried out only three days a week, and then

The Japanese longest-lived people on the planet in 2008 in Japan was registered over 33,000 people over 100 years!

That same year, the cup to celebrate the hundredth birthday in Japan received even 19,769 Japanese.