-1 teaspoon butter

-200 g of flour for dough

-1 tablespoon baking powder

-Pinch of salt

-200 ml of milk

-2 eggs


-Maple syrupDSC_0040

Gather all the ingredients you need and all of them mix well. First extract the dry ingredients followed by the need to separate the eggs and beat up the yolk with milk and butter. Wait until all ingredients are combined.

Dry ingredients you add the remaining mixture you just made ​​from eggs and milk.

Do not forget to mix all the time to avoid the formation of lumps. Mixture add a little butter and egg whites that have previously been beaten in the snow.

In the frying pan, a little oil and wait for it to warm up. When you are sure that the temperature is high enough start bake pancakes. Cook on medium heat. When you begin to darken one side, it is time to turn the other way and so until you bake pancakes until the end. In the end, they pour maple syrup.

source: Perfectscook