According to Italian physician Tulio Simonchini, most cancers is nothing but a fungus which may be eliminated with baking soda.

Dr. Simonchini used this approach to cure heaps of patients stricken by exceptional types of cancer, and claims that it’s far 100% powerful.

The remedy is not harmful and you’ve got nothing to lose.

The painful fact of increasingly most cancers instances is come what may linked to the screw ups of oncology.

We need to prove that present day oncology is not able to reply all of the questions cancer sufferers have.

It’s our moral and ethical dedication to locate the real remedy for the hardest and deadliest sicknesses of our time, says Dr. Simonchini.

Cancer is a fungus!

“About a century in the past, there has been a tremendous concept that most cancers is as a result of malfunctioning genes, which means that the sickness is intracellular.

But, in my view, most cancers is a fungal infection and a special cell phenomenon, “says Dr. Simonchini, who has despatched shockwaves across the medical community together with his declare.


 Iside the plant international, carcinoma is resulting from fungal infections, and the identical happens in humans.

Fungi constantly carry a tumor with them – this has been tested in both in vivo and in vitro research, but scientists believe that they increase after the disorder seemed. Dr. Simonchini believes that they had been already there earlier than – fungi create cancer, weaken our immune device after which attack the complete frame.

Each kind of most cancers is caused by the Candida fungus, which has been showed by means of numerous research, and its histological structure is a result of the defensive measures towards the invasion.

Over the years, our tissues are weakened and tired, and they begin generating unidentified cells. according to Dr. Simonchini, most cancers is an “ulcer” where deformed cells accumulate and shape colonies.

Baking soda

The usual antifungal drugs are useless against most cancers as they most effective attack the surface of the cells.

The primary infection is extra powerful than a unmarried bacterium, that’s why fungal infections remaining for so long.

“I have identified the things that could attack these colonies of fungi – for most cancers, it’s baking soda, and a iodine tincture is the best substance for skin cancer,” claims Dr. Simonchini.

Many studies have showed baking soda’s intracellular motion in opposition to most cancers.

The remedy

I’ve used the remedy on my sufferers for more than two decades.

a lot of these sufferers have absolutely recovered from the sickness, even when doctors gave them no possibilities. The best way to cast off a tumor is for it to be available to touch with baking soda, which may be applied as an enema for digestive cancers, intravenous injection for mind and lung tumors and inhalation for tumors within the top breathing machine.

Breast, lymph gadget and subcutaneous tumors can be dealt with with a nearby perfusion. inner organ tumors have to be treated with baking soda by way of making use of it at once into the arteries, and it’s additionally important to deal with each form of most cancers with the right dose, “Dr. Simonchini explains, and keeps: “For phleboclisis, you’ll need about 500 cm. of 5% or eight.four% answer; in a few cases, the mixture simplest wishes to be salty enough.

For the duration of every treatment, it’s important to recognize that tumor colonies come back between the 3 and 4 day, and suffer a collapse between the four and five day, so a minimum of 6 days of treatment is required.

The remedy must be repeated for four cycles, and has no other facet-consequences other than thirst and weak spot. ”

For skin cancer, you ought to rub a 0.7% iodine tincture at the affected areas 20-30 instances an afternoon. Afterwards, the tumor will not go back, Dr. Says Simonchini.

Here are the primary signs and symptoms of Candida contamination:

  • persistent fatigue;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disease;
  • anxiety and irritability;
  • mind fog and nausea;
  • chronic pores and skin problems;
  • persistent digestive disorders;
  • temper modifications;
  • Starch and sugar cravings.

If you have minimum 2 of these signs, you can have an advanced stage of candida infections which can also bring cancer, so that they should never be unnoticed.

Treatment and prevention of candida infections

The fungal development should be saved in test. Left untreated, candida can result in candidiasis that can motive signs that mimic other sicknesses and bring about perforation in the intestines and leaky intestine syndrome.

This may allow protein to assault your blood cells. so one can prevent similarly troubles, we first want to get rid of the ingredients that feed candida – sugar and starch. This indicates no bread, sweet, sparkling fruit, pasta and rice for some time.