It’s a matter of fact we are. There are numerous accidents of people  losing a tissue. But luck fully regrows their own body parts using alternative medicine. Roomers?

This men will you are wrong. His name is Lee Spievack. This 69 year old model aircraft enthusiast in 2005 accidently slices his index finger of, with one of his model plane propeller.

Are Humans Capable of Re Growing

Hi refused tissue graft, because that one inch means a lot especially in this man’s hobby. So he accepted a new  kind of treatment suggested by his brother Allen, a physician who has been researching tissue regenerating .

Mister Allen offered his brother a new “magical dust” called pixie dust. The dust is actually holagen powder derived from pig’s bladder, which appeared to provide a suitable framework stimulating the regrowth of the tissues and division of the sells, to unable him his finger to fully grow back as it was in just a month.


Flash, tendon, skin, fingernail, fingerprints and all as they were. Now the all world knows about the Lee’s accident and the successful treatment he received thanks to his brother.

For some people it is just finger, for other a whole life. Just imagine how can this effect of the medicine of the 21st century, but still be careful at work.