Aura is our means of defense of mental influences and negative thoughts of others. A healthy and harmonious aura attracts only a good impact sound, specific words and tones the aura, and our subtle and physical body, is an effective means of relieving the negativity.

Certain sounds create vibrations which activate the energy of certain parts of the body, mind or spirit. The body color or personal aura can be seen in those who have developed psychic powers – where a man is shown as in the egg.breathing patiently

Aura is often out of balance because the subject of our emotional reactions are going through. In particular it weakens and damages if we have feelings of anger, rage, repressed aggression, sadness and fear. Aura of who is doing spiritual practice is often bright and away from the physical body, and even six feet around in all directions. Audible breathing helps us to harmonize the aura. It focuses thought, produces paints, exercise the vocal chords, expands the lungs, improves voice and concentration.

One round sound of breathing (pranayama) includes singing all 6 below sounds. While performing try the noise as long and as loud as you can. The ideal is to perform three full rounds, and if you have limited time and one round is enough. Concentrate on the part of the body that represents the sound, the chakras and colors down below.

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit, straighten the spine and neck, relax the body and open your heart. You’re ready to start!20120611-2

Sound Pranayama:

The first sound is … aaaah covers the lower three chakras, from the bottom of the spine and abdomen area. This sound is especially beneficial for those who have breathing problems and asthma sufferers. While making noises imagine the sun’s color (from gold, orange, red).

Sound Yuu … It covers the area of the heart. Imagine a green color in the chest to expand. This sound is also advantageous for asthma sufferers, for purification  and increase lung capacity and release emotional tension.

Sound So … It covers an area throat, the fifth chakra and light blue in color. It’s great for throat clearing of debris, cleaner and nicer tone of voice, and for better expression.

Sound Iii … It covers the area of the eyes, sinuses and ears. Imagine a different kind of blue. Grinned with teeth almost together. Feel the vibration of the front of the head.

The sound of San … covers the part of the brain that its vibration releases impurities from the blood flow. The color is indigo blue and is associated with the sixth chakra. Feel the vibration in the back of the head. Language is facing the palate.

The sound itself … It also acts on the brain, improves sharpness and clarity of mind, especially helping the elderly to better memory. The color is purple and refers to the top of the head, the seventh chakra. Lips were collected at m.DSC01882

Already after one singing will feel higher vibrations and sensations that frees the sound pranayama.

A sense of purity and battery life energy (prana) automatically takes place.

It is especially recommended for those who use the voice as a means of expression, as well as for those who wish to emotional and mental cleanse. Your aura will shine!