You should avoid foods that contain genetically modified ingredients in a wide arc, recommended by many scientists.

But the problem is how to know which is the food GMOs.

Greenpeace published a list here all products that containing GMOs.

These are just some of the products that contain genetically modified ingredients.

When you go grocery shopping next time remember this.

Your family’s health and yours is at stake!gmo

1. Tea “Lipton”

2. “Campbell” soup

3. “M & M” candies

4. Tea “Lipton”

5. “M & M” candies

6. “Twix”

7. “Milky Way”

8. “Cadbury” chocolate

9. “Ferrero Rocher”

10. “Nestle” chocolate

11. Chocolate drink “Nesquick”

12. “Coca-Cola”

13. “Sprite”, “Fanta”

14. “Pepsi-Cola”

15. “7 Up”

16. “Knorr” sauces

17. Cookie “Parmalat”

18th – “Hellman’s”  mayonnaise, sauces, spices

19. “Heinz”  sauces, spices, mayonnaise

20. Children’s potion “Nestle”

21. “Hipp” baby food

22. “Abbot Labs Similac” (powdered milk for babies)

23. “Danone” yogurt, kefir, cheese, children drink

24. “McDonalds”

25. “Kraft” chocolate, chips, coffee, children drink

26th Products “Delma Unilever”gmo_corn