One of the most beautiful moments in life is having a child, and although it is a painful process, it can still deeply touch you and turn you into a completely different person.

Usually, a newborn baby is around 46 and 53 cm/18-20 inch long, and 2.5-4.3 kg/5.5-9.5 pound in weight, but in the case with one overweight woman, things were not so ordinary.

The woman was rushed to the emergency room as she was just about to give birth. The medical staff did a quick examination and discovered that the baby weighed 18 kilograms/40 pound which were previously unheard of, so they went with a cesarean section.

The doctor was at first, expecting multiple pregnancies of twins or triplets, but he was soon shocked to realize that there was just one baby.

Now you have probably heard this before but being overweight can do some serious damage to your health and the health of your unborn child. Down below are some of the most common health conditions which may arise:

1. Hypoglycemia

This is a disease which consists of having low blood sugar levels, and it can damage the internal organs.

2. Polycythemia

This condition causes the blood cells to become more viscous than normal, slowing down its flow and central nervous system functions.

3. Hyperbilirubinemia

This is a condition which occurs when bilirubin is released and crosses the brain-protecting cell barrier.

4. Respiratory distress

Macrosomic children have been found to generally suffer from stress or respiratory failure.

5. Injuries

Giving a birth to a large baby could lead to injuries such as fracture of the clavicle and increase the risk of complications.

Therefore, if you are taking in consideration having a child, then your health must be at the top of your priorities.

source: usatrick