As a method of Rudolf Breuss decided to thousands of people who are ready 42 days diet confined to juices derived from organically grown vegetables, and hope that this will help them in the healing of malignant diseases.

In addition to cancer and leukemia, Breuss, in his book “Total therapy of cancer and leukemia and other seemingly incurable diseases by natural means,” recommends that the natural means treating many other diseases such as too high and too low blood pressure, cataract, heart muscle damage, headaches , varicose veins in the legs, blood flow problems, asthma, gastritis, rheumatism, diabetes.Beet-Ferments

What is’ Breuss method, Who should and who should not be applied, and how it affects the human body and health, we inquire with others. Sasa Szekely specialists in sports medicine, the president of the “Source” – natural health club.

What is actually Breuss method, when applied?

Breuss method is therapeutic starvation that the body stimulates the processes of cleansing and strengthening the immune system and allows regulatory mechanisms to establish the normal functioning of all organs.

Disorders that present an unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive intake of unhealthy processed food industry, lack of exercise, physical work, constant stress and loss of connection with nature in the etiology of the disease. All these causes tend to be eliminated during therapeutic fasting.

Post or starvation are known throughout the history of mankind, are described in more places and in the Bible. Starved always for the purpose of healing and spiritual purification modern lifestyle encourages the practice of these and similar methods as prevention.

Systematic, organized and individual starvation under the supervision and advice of experts exist in Europe from the early 20th century, and one of the most famous promoter Rudolf Breuss.

What’s it like application, how many days is that the food must be taken, which are not?

The method consists in refraining from food for 42 hours during which time consuming only certain blends of teas, juice, fresh vegetables (beets, carrots, celery, turnips and potatoes) and slightly crisp onion soup.

The amount of vegetable juice is 3-5 dl, soups 2DC l, 2 liters of tea. During fasting is obligatory enema (flushing) hoses, outdoor living, walking, gymnastics and massage. The entire procedure should be carried out in solitude, peace, dedicate yourself, think about the necessary changes in your life to be healthy and happy.


What is the effects Breuss method, which it does in the human body and how?

During the 42 days of fasting from tissues to secrete all unwanted contaminants that we consume food, drink or inhalation, residual products of metabolism, in the second half of fasting begins to dissolve the sick and dysfunctional tissue.

Energy obtained Their decomposition is used for feeding organs needed for life. At the same time the body is available and all the energy that is otherwise spent on digestion of food. Therefore, there is a paradoxical increase strength and stamina as starvation progresses.

Clean the inside of the body, the skin is noticeably clearer and younger as well as all the organs in the body. After 42 days the whole body is completely updated, and the same happens with mental functions,. Excellent vigor and mental strength are the most important effect of this method. This power allows us to take responsibility and control over their health and life.

Is this a method that patients consult doctors?

Contemporary medicine does not accept this method as purposeful. Under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry, whose pressure is extremely high and protected official accepting these methods many doctors even considered harmful and dangerous.

It is certainly not if carried out according to the rules. The exception is Russia, where the treatment of starvation and later a certain type of diet part of the official medicine.

Who cannot apply this method of fasting?

Fasting should not be administered to individuals too low body weight. During starvation average weight loss was 15 pounds. Skinny people lose less, and overweight and more weight. Weight at the end of fasting should not be less than 40 kg.

Starve should not those who are immobile or in terminal stage malignancies. Starvation can be accessed in full consciousness of the decision without persuasion, but with the support of loved ones.

Is there any similar method is also used for the same purpose?

With Breussovu method, starving and only with water and teas.In this case a check electrolyte levels, and blood pH, and can be performed only in institutions. The method according to Airo with vegetable juices and teas includes juices freshly squeezed fruit. Is acceptable for groups who are fasting for preventive purposes and can be used for short term of 10, 15, 21, 28 or 42 days.


Therapy with the juice of beet-root

Beetroot juice has powerful medicinal properties. This juice is part of many alternative methods, particularly known cancer therapy Rudolf Breuss. Rudolf Breuss, alternative doctor from Austria, his whole life is devoted to finding the best natural anti-cancer drug.

He made a special juice, which gave excellent results in the treatment of this disease. With the help of his methods cured over 45,000 people with cancer and other terminal illnesses.

According Breuss cancer can survive only by the protein, which contains solids. It is therefore developed special post duration of 42 days, during which they drink only tea and a special vegetable juice, the main ingredient of which is beet-root. During these 42 days the cancer cells starve and die, while the health of the entire body improves.

Breussov juice is made only from organically-grown vegetables. The juice can be made at home from vegetables or juices, available in health food stores (recommended Biotta juices)

The composition of the juice:

beetroot (55%)

Carrot (20%)

celery root (20%)

potatoes (3%)

Daikon (2%)

We have noted that cancer therapies by Rudolf Breuss includes not only the 42-day post, but also a host of other factors, such as the elimination of toxins from the house, cutting them out of sugar, regulation of digestion, physical activity, etc..DSCF1397


If you decide to take the beet-root juice, never start with a large amount. Beetroot juice is so strong that during cleaning can feel dizzy. This is a normal sign of elimination of toxins from the body. Drink more water to help the cleaning process and gradually increasing the amount of juice.