Our grandmothers knew very well that cabbage is very healthy, not only as food but also as a coating for outdoor use. It’s time for the younger generation to learn about this vegetable.

Packs of cabbage leaves can make miracles.

You do not like green vegetables? After these things you will change your opinion!

The cabbage is compared with a magnet, because it “drawns out” the disease from the body.

If you have any of these problems, just put a few leaves of cabbage on the problematic place and it will solve the problem.

Swelling of the hands and feet

If you have problems with swollen limbs, only wrap the cabbage leaf and secure with a bandage. It is advisable to sleep with cabbage leaf on it.


If you want to maximize the performance of the thyroid gland, before sleeping place the cabbage leaf on your neck  and gird the scarf. Remove it in the morning.


Place the cabbage leaf on the sick part of the head and wait unbearable headaches to stop.

Pain during breastfeeding

Similarly do when your chest hurt. Cabbage will alleviate the pain.


If you have a high fever that you are unable to remove with drugs, cover the breast with cabbage, but as soon as the sheet dries, put a new one.

The consequences of injection

After receiving penicillin, the buttocks often occur painful and hard nodes. Cabbage leaves will greatly alleviate and reduce the pain.

source: FoodAndOurHealth