It is Supplement in many salads and desserts, and in addition to being very easy to prepare, gelatin has another advantage – it is natural cure for cartilage regeneration in the knee, hip and other joints.

In fact, studies have shown that consumption of these foods can significantly help in the regeneration of cartilage, because it has a similar chemical structure.

Damaged cartilage in the knee can make us big problems so eat gelatin cartilage daily.

You can consume 10 grams per day it can prevent the unpleasant symptoms of osteoarthritis. It is rich with proteins, has the 10 essential amino acids, protein which help in the regeneration of muscle tissue.

The gelatin has neither cholesterol nor fat, which is not the same with most of the food that contains protein.

Also it is full with collagen the substance that participates in the construction of bones, tissues, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.