For the cream you need:

-150 g of walnuts

-7 egg whites

-6 egg yolks

-250 g of powdered sugar

-200 g dark chocolate

-2 vanilla sugar

For the dough you need:

-300 g butter

-300 g flour

-5 tablespoons water

-2 egg yolksMississippi-Mud

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate just … So many will respond when you ask them what kind of cake love and without which could not possibly. Chocolate cakes are the most popular desserts that many prefer to save for birthdays and other celebrations. Chocolate pie is another delicacy with which you treat your loved ones.

Chocolate pie

In order to make the best chocolate pie is necessary to make the mixture to the batter and cream. Let’s start with the dough, mix the flour, water, egg yolk and butter. Let stand for 45 minutes and then separate into two equal parts. First place in a greased baking pan, and the other to the top when you put the cream.

A mixture of cream that will fill the space between the two mixtures, you will create by mixing grated dark chocolate, chopped nuts, powdered sugar, egg yolk and vanilla dark chocolate. Finally add the egg whites that have previously beaten. Heat the oven to 18o degrees and bake 45 minutes.