If you have poor circulation, this is the recipe for you! The same goes for those who often get sick because of poor immunity, and for those who have problems with blood vessels.

Fatty foods, processed products, chemicals and toxins can cause serious cardiovascular problems.

These three useful ingredient can completely clean clogged arteries eliminating fats from the blood. When mixing them, you can get a delicious and healthy beverage.

The combination of lemon, ginger and garlic prevents free radicals that cause the most severe disease and many other conditions associated with diseases of the heart and bloodstream.This-is-the-quickest-and-easiest-way-to-clean-artery-blockages-and-blood-lipids


-4 large garlic bulbs

-4 goals lemons with peel

Ginger root (3-4 cm)/(41-55 oz)

-2 liters/67.6 oz


Leave the lemon in water with caustic soda to remove pesticides. Then good wash and chop it to pieces.

Peel the garlic and lemon with ginger and place them in a blender to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Then put the mixture in a metal bowl, add 2 liters/67.6 oz of water and heat it all together, stirring, until the liquid come to a boiling point.

As soon as it boils, remove the pan from the fire and leave it to cool. Strain the liquid and place in glass bottles or jars.

Curative drink need to be consumed every day in a glass of 200 ml/6.76 oz at least two hours before a meal, on a completely empty stomach.

Keep the beverage in the refrigerator and before each use mix it well. In this way you will not only cleanse the arteries, but will improve your general health.