When we talk about health and beauty coconut oil is one of the most beneficial ingredients. In this article we will present a few reasons why you should start using coconut oil:

Overnight Skin Care

Putting coconut oil on your face before going to sleep will make your face pure, clean and refreshed for sure. It penetrates deeply into the skin, making it soft, flexible and nourished.

Moisturize your Skin

Use coconut oil just as you would any moisturizer and your skin will feel moisturized all day long. Use a small amount of coconut oil (a little goes a long way!) and apply it anywhere on your body for hydrated skin. At first you may seem a bit greasy, but don’t worry, it absorbs into your skin quickly.

Whipped Coconut Oil Cellulite Cream

Cellulite is a problem for many woman and coconut oil is the best solution to deal with it. The recipe is simple. Just mix coconut oil and honey. Apply the mixture on your skin before going to bed and after several weeks the cellulite will be gone.

Help Reduce Wrinkles

Coconut oil contains a high source of antioxidants that will protect the skin from pre aging, coconut oil is able to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Massage a small amount of coconut oil on your face before going to sleep at night.

Cuticle softener

Use coconut oil on your nail beds to moisturize and remove any flaking cuticles. The oil will keep your nails moisturized and stronger than ever.

Varicose Veins

Massage varicose veins really well with coconut oil. Studies says that this is an excellent method for this problem.

Coconut Oil Hand Cream

If you constantly have dry hands you can moisturize your hands with coconut oil it will makes them softer and smoother.

Help Eczema Flare-Ups

Coconut oil can help calm itchy and irritated skin related to eczema. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties help heal and soothe the skin.

Soothe Sunburns

After a long day in the sun, coconut oil can help relieve a sunburn. It can calm your skin and keep it moisturized to help minimize peeling.

Eyelash treatment for super lush lashes

Apply coconut oil to your lashes before bedtime. This is especially useful if you wear eye makeup as it can cause hair loss and breakage over time.

source: healthbasics