It is discovered the potential of coconut oil in the fight against cancer recently. The latest laboratory research shows that the main ingredient is coconut oil – lauric acid responsible for the destruction of 93 percent of the cancer cells of the colon – in just 48 hours of treatment!

Lauric acid is poisoning the cancer cells at the same time freeing up while reducing the level of glutathione that cancer cells need in order to protect from excess oxygen radicals oxidative stress (excess oxygen species).

It’s recently been discovered that Coconut oil has a great potential in the fight against cancer, but its potential in the treatment of many diseases has long been known.

As a natural help of coconut oil is a real cure for many viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is good for digestion, liver and skin and wound healing.

Coconut is used in treatment on heart patients, in terms of Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Although this study does not say that coconut oil is hundred percent cure for cancer, it says that the nature of many foods that can help us to fight against the evil of a new era.