Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer. The former drugs have been used for the treatment of pancreatic cancer hasn’t proved effective and have caused grave and serious side effects, which is why scientists are looking for new treatments.

Although for many people, turmeric sounds new and exotic things become clearer when you connect turmeric and curry.

Namely, curry is a blend of 20 different spices herbs, spices and seeds and turmeric is one of the main ingredients responsible for the yellow color of curry powder.

That yellow pigment curcumin is the most valuable part of turmeric, herb that thrives in South Asia.

Curcuma undertakes a high position in the medicine as a cleaner of the body, and attribute medicinal go owed to its active ingredient – curcuma, a yellow pigment natural. Curcuma have a positive effect on the organism, improves the operation of the brain and the heart.Curcuma – Spice That Will Win Cancer

Also is known as powerful antioxidant.

In this study, the people suffering from pancreatic cancer were given supplements of curcuma. In fact, the participants were allowed to take supplements of curcuma to the extent they wanted.

In one patient with pancreatic cancer is reduced by 73%, but the effect was short-lived. In the second patient’s condition remained stable during the next 18 months.

Scientists point out that curcuma can truly help those who are suffering from pancreatic cancer; the most important of all is that you do not give rise to adverse side effects.

Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer remains one of the most serious preventable types of cancer, which is why its prevention is extremely important.

Previous studies have shown that the risk of pancreatic cancer can drastically reduce adopting healthy eating habits.

People whose diet is based on high intake of fruits and vegetables have the lowest risk of pancreatic cancer, as well as people who follow a Mediterranean-type diet.