McDonald’s is under constant attack from health professionals who argue that fast food “fats the world”.

They are under attack because of the ingredients contained in their food. After this list, you’ll realize that their food contains everything.

Plastics, human hair, antidepressants, poison, harmful preservatives … In-N-Out-Burger-and-Fries

1. Chicken Nuggets contain a silicone oil containing, for example an ophthalmic lens. Silicone oil is not considered toxic, but really, should it be food ingredient?

Based on the research it was found that chickens from the farm that supply fast food restaurants, contain the antidepressants, antibiotics, arsenic, as well as drugs against allergies.

2. McDonald’s salads contain propylene glycol to keep your salads crispy and “fresh” and up to a week. The same chemical is used in antifreeze.

3. Malic pies. Cysteine ​​is an amino acid L synthesized from human hair and is used in the production of artificial flavorings for meat and softening bread. McDonald’s in their apple pies uses other baked “delicacies”.

4. Silicon dioxide is used in glass, fiber optic cables and cement, but also in the food service industry. They use them in their “meat stew” to be longer edible.

5. TBHQ preservative. It is made from petroleum and is used in cosmetics. It was found in 18 McDonald’s products. Five grams of the preservative is toxic dose.

6. Cellulose is in everything: ice creams, syrups, sauces, salad dressings …

7. Ammonium sulfate is used for bread production. The same substance used to kill insects.

All for profit!