This massive public intoxication lasts for more than a century and is gradually increasing, according to the portal new-world-order.

You and those you care about to infect almost continuously. We deliberately plan is abused with the help of multiple poisons in small doses.

As more and more people are becoming aware of some of the most common ways in which this happens, the better chance we have to reduce it or moving away expose at least some of these poisons.poison


This highly toxic chemical used in warfare is added to the public water supply since 1910 as a disinfectant. Today, common health problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer have become widespread only after the mass began regularly chlorinate.

We bring it through drinking, bathing, inhalation and soaking under our showers, products manufactured with city water. All this makes chlorine one of the most public venom.


Adding fluoride municipal water and dental products actually not good for your teeth. He is the because of cancer, causes apathy, a chemical that reduces intelligence, a waste product of aluminum production, and phosphate. Fluoride builds up in production facilities since 1940, and destroys local groundwater.

Industry is the one who first tried to solve the surplus stock of fluoride by promoting it as a rat poison, but he eventually sold enough. Then, in 1950 invented a scheme to convince the American dental Association and recommend adding fluoride to public water supplies and products for oral hygiene.

In the long run, fluorine actually makes your teeth fragile and painted, meanwhile reducing IQ, reducing active interests and shortening life.


Aluminum has long been used for cooking and food preparation material. When people find out about its toxicity, they began to leave the aluminum pans and avoid heating food wrapped in aluminum foil.

Extremely fine particles of aluminum are the main ingredient of “chemical spraying” – Chemtrails’s that  is scattered in almost all areas in North America under the rationale for the “Geo-engineering” and to confront “global warming”.

This widespread chemical spraying really is a reason for the manipulation of weather conditions until public intoxication. Bizarre streaks in the sky by the aircraft are not normal jets aircrafts called a contrail.

Aluminum is another neurotoxin that reduces intelligence and memory. He is considered a major factor early senility and dementia.