Did you know that there are natural and effective methods of rejuvenation and that in fact you do not need to use expensive cosmetics and even more expensive and risky surgical procedures? Facial rejuvenation, body and whole organism cannot consist only of cosmetic procedures. About health “benefits” surgical methods will not talk here because this is the portal of the natural way of lifeChipotle-Lime-Vinaigrette The best is to combine different methods of rejuvenation that give amazing results: proper diet, adequate exercise, natural care and spiritual satisfaction. Surely you’ve noticed that there are women who look 10, 15 years younger, and that did not undergo expensive cosmetic surgery. Here is an example of a woman of 70 who seems to have a 30th Annette Larkins from Florida called “ageless woman” or a woman who does not age! Specifically, Annette has 70 years, but without overdoing it looks better than double younger women! Her health is perfect and it feels like it’s 30 tells how she discovered the elixir of youth …Annette-Larkins-image-ageless-woman Her mother and grandmother died at an early age due to breast cancer. The history of diseases from diabetes in the family is lengthy, but it is in perfect health. Do not drink or aspirin, or – any medication. It has excellent, a slim figure and her face and scalp twice a younger woman. The husband of her age, she looks like a grandpa! She has two sons who are 50 years and that her look as old friends! Only one in the family is fed in this way.

How is that possible?

Larkins explains it simply – its motto is a famous Hippocratic adage: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” He gets up at 5 am, working in the garden, itself made ​​dresses and manufactures a variety of other necessities – and full of energy. Fruits, vegetables, juices, sprouts, seeds, nuts, herbs… Annette Larkins grows herself all this around the house and home. He collects rainwater and works, he says – “tons and tons” of juices from everything that grows. Wheat grass is her specialty, and the juice of the same to itself the right, drink regularly. Annette was a longtime vegetarian who became a vegan and believes that the secret of her youth raw vegan food and a liter of healthy squeezed juices, which itself is prepared daily and drink in large quantities. Annette wrote his book of advice and released a DVD. Congratulations to Annette!al One of these youthful women (Mrs. wishes to remain anonymous) has revealed the secret of his extended youth. She claims that she is, after using this elixir, improved vision (diopters of -3 to -1), the skin became smooth and elastic all over the body, and hair thicker.

Elixir of youth – a recipe:

– 100 ml of flaxseed oil – 2 medium lemon – 1 large head of garlic – 0.5 kg of honey

Preparation and use:

Cleaned garlic, 1 untreated lemon and 1 lemon peel, mix without a blender. Milled mixture and mix it with honey, add linseed oil and mix again. The mixture is kept in a refrigerator in a sealed glass jar. Consume three times a day for 1 tablespoon of half an hour before meals.

How does this mixture rejuvenate the body?

Linseed oil is a plant hormone; Flax contains linoleic (omega-6), oleic acid (omega-9), and palmitic fatty acids, and more than half of the fat contained in Article makes Alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) as linseed oil makes the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids (twice that of fish oil). Flax oil is also the richest plant source of lignans, important antioxidants, which in combination with lemon cleanses the liver and biliary tract. Clean the liver is our main generator of youth! How to clean liver Vitamin C from the lemon is the perfect antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and blood vessels. Garlic cleaned of parasites and cleans the blood vessels, and honey brings nutrients and trace elements in the blood that regenerate and rejuvenate the entire body. Is not this a winning combination: cheap, healthy, natural and rejuvenated?!

Try it tomorrow!