Studying, working and daily activities can be fatal to your brain. For properly functioning, our brain needs a break.

If you feel tired, exhausted or stressed, try to do these few tricks for relaxation of the brain.

Sleep regularly

You need a minimum 8 hours of hard and deep sleep. If you have regular and quality sleep, you are on a good way to prevent the occurrence of heart disease and strengthen the immune system.

Go for a walk

Daily walk, only half an hour is enough to refresh your brain.

Be creative

Do things that are not part of your routine. If you want to read a particular genre, try something new or cook something without having special recipes.exercises for improving brain function

Follow your biorhythm

Your watch doesn’t care if it’s 4 am or evening but your brain does. Best time for remembering information is in the morning and evenings are good for entertainment and walks.

So try to set these activities according to your biorhythm.

Short breaks

Generally there are several ways for active holiday, and it is physical, spiritual, mental and companionable. All these are helping to reduce stress.

So try to make a couple of breaks per day. This will help you to survive another busy day.

Enjoy sex

Sexual intercourse improves the heart and blood vessels. It is an excellent remedy for bad mood.