Sassy water is a key ingredient of ‘Flat Belly Diet’ which was created by nutritionist Cynthia Sass. This delicious drink, which is named after its creator, refreshes and revitalizes, contains the minimum number of calories, has a beneficial for your body, greatly reduce flatulence and soothes the digestive tract.

Cynthia claims that by drinking this beverage, your waist size can be reduced by 10 cm in just 4 days!

The concept of Sassy’s water is based on the fact that the human body normally needs a minimum of eight glasses. However, this quantity is only a starting point because liquid requirements vary from person to person and depend on the level of physical activity.

For this reason, during the four “critical” days, at the beginning of Flat Belly Diet it is recommended to drink a certain portion of the entire recipe. Also, it is recommended that consumption of fruits and vegetables which contain high levels of water. The proper body hydration will help to maintain the level of fluid in the body and prevents of intestines inflation.

In order to achieve this “plan” successfully, it is important that during the four days of consuming a beverage to avoid sweets, snacks, fat and calorie foods and turn to healthier foods, smaller portions and movement.

You need to remember that this ‘ceremony’ for preparation Sassy water and its serving is a reminder that things will soon change for the better and then without any problems, you can focus on the defined goal: a flat stomach once and for all!Finally a Flat Belly: Drink it For 4 Days, Take Off 10 cm Off Your Waist!


-8 glasses of water (minimum, you can put more if you drink more water during the day)

-1 teaspoon grated ginger root    

-1 medium sized fresh cucumber, peeled and cut into thin slices

-1 lemon medium size, cut into thin slices    

-12 leaves of spearmint


Mix all ingredients in a jug. Refrigerate overnight. Strain.


When you get up, start with the consumption of these powerful fluids, drink all through the day and in the evening make a new dose for tomorrow.

To see the results, it is very important to drink this drink at least 4 days and do not drink anything else.

After four days, you will like the taste so much that you will not even think to stop drinking this water!

source: Natural Healing Magazine