70% of our body is water. However, very often we are forgetting that drinking water is important.

Did you know when you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated? This means that the water level in your body fell below the threshold required for normal functioning.

Thirst is not the only sign. There are more signs important  and we bring you the five most common. waterglass


If you feel tired during the day, be sure to drink water instead of a caffeine drink that you think that will wake you up. To awake the liver and digestive tract ѕоу should drink a glass of water in the morning.

Dry skin

This is not rocket science, right? Мany people who have dry skin have water deficiency . Water improves blood circulation and it helps with skin recovery. Instead lotion for hydration, drink more water.

Sunken eyes

If your eyes are sore and do not shine (which is often accompanied by dark circles under the eyes), then you are already dehydrated. Our eyes should always be moist, and water is essential for the production of tears and maintain moisture glands. Increase your intake of water, and the results will be visible immediately.


Water helps maintain moisture intestine and can prevent chronic constipation. With a small amount of water that you drink, you can have difficulty with bowel. This is why the minimum and recommended 2l / 67Oz water daily.

Headache or dizziness

Headache or dizziness are indicators that you immediately need water. No way, do not try to replace it with carbonated juice or other beverage. Reach for good and  clean water.

source: MagnoliaSlimAndFit