Your phone cell will irradiate you less if you use headphones, cover bags, writing messages …

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the alarming news that there is a possibility that cell phones are carcinogenic due to radiation, and they delivered five ways that can reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.

Using a headphones

Using a headphone can reduce your exposure to radiation while using your mobile phone.

Wired headphones are better than Bluetooth devices.

Write text messages

If you spend more time writing SMS messages or using various applications, your device will be more time “away” from the head, which means, the brain and so you will be less exposed to radiation.Five Ways How You Can Reduce Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Do not use a cell phone as an alarm clock

If you use your mobile phone as an alarm clock, means that while you are sleeping, your cell is probably close to your head.

Do not do it!

Keep an eye on hot spots of radiation

The radiation is much higher when the signal is weaker, for example in rural areas, elevators and buildings.

Use cover bags

The Company Pong Research sells cover bags that block the most of the radiation of mobile devices, and they are sold for 30 to 50 dollars.