We publish stories of people who discovered the most serious form of cancer of the stomach, and have recommended them to just wait for death.

They did not listen and instead in the Cancer Institute went to take petroleum. It’s their life saved.

Until the advent of the Internet mysteriously disappeared dozens of scientists and doctors in the world who have tried to prove that the petroleum extremely effective in treating many types of malignancies, as well as a completely eliminated.petroleum

With the advent of the internet secret is out and it was impossible to threaten doctors, but they started the huge pressures on petroleum factories that are in the world then stopped one after another.

The first one to speak about it in public is German doctor Paul Gunner from clinics “Jakob” Main, which is a lifetime devoted to examining cancer and which is in his study argued that, when during the year drink twelve days in a row, one teaspoon of pure petroleum , will never become ill with cancer or leukemia.

Dr. Paul Gunner, who also himself at the age of 31 cured petroleum of bowel cancer that has spread to the kidneys, has proper records of over 2,000 patients who were given new life thanks to petroleum which are completely cure cancer.

source: Dailykos