Women that do not have the desired look of their breasts can have low self-confidence. Even though many people believe that it is impossible to perk up the breasts but we are happy to tell you that actually it is possible.

You can do that with the help of one exercise and one home remedy.

Here is how to do the exercise:

Start with lying on the back on a bench, bed or mat. In each hand you should have 5-pound weight and after that to raise your arms straight above the chest and after that to lower them as far as you can on your sides and after that to again raise them up.

Repeat the same procedure again. Do 3 sets of 10 every second day and this will improve the muscles under the breasts and in the upper chest.

Here is the remedy:

You will need virgin olive oil only. Again you should be lying on the back and to place pillows behind your back.

Now you will need to take a little bit of the oil in your hands to rub them together and to put the hands on your breasts and with small circular movements to massage them. 10 circles for each breast are enough.


source: healthadviceteam