Few years ago, a former professor impressed his student showing him a patient’s blood test results.

The five key blood parameters are urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides.

All these parameters in the patient’s first blood results and values which far exceeded permitted levels. The person with such results should already be dead.

After only one month the parameter values were clearly within the recommended range and the blood was perfect. But, how was this possible?

As we mentioned , the difference between the two analysis of the same person was only a month.

Here’s the secret:

-Daily, you should peel 3.5 oz/100 grams of pumpkin.

-Then, place the pieces in a blender, along with water.

-Mix well, making a vitamin pumpkin with water.

-Take this vitamin 15-20 minutes before breakfast.

-Do this for a month, every time your blood needs to be corrected.

During the first week, urine has a large amount of LDL (low molecular weight), which results in cleaning of arteries, including the brain, thereby increasing the person’s memory.

Note: There is no contraindication of this treatment.

Approximately once a year, you should do analysis of your blood, and if either is present tendency to breakdown, return immediately to repeat this process.

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source: JustNaturalLife