With This drink you should start at least one day of the week, and if it can be every day, then even better.

It is rich with vitamins and healthy fiber, has low calories and contains good for every part of our body. The main ingredient – celery!

Celery can be freely mixed with other fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot juice, apple or cucumber.

We Recommend a mixture of with carrot, beetroot and celery in the ratio of 8: 3: 5, carrots, cabbage and celery in the ratio 1: 4: 5 and the carrots, celery and radish in a ratio of 8: 5: 3rd

Celery has a beneficial effect against:


– Lowers Cholesterol

– It can help insomnia

– Losing weight

Disappearance of stones"Green Goddess" Wondrous-Juice Melts Kidney Stones, Fat, Bad Cholesterol and Improves Digestion!

How to make juice


– 2 handfuls of spinach (good for the brain)

– Half a cucumber (hydrates, cleanses the body and calms)

– Quarters trees celery (good for bones)

– 1 sprig parsley (good for circulation and heart)

– 4 leaves of fresh mint (tastes great, and soothes and relaxes)

– 3 carrots (good for the skin, eyes)

– 2 green apples, peeled (apples like apples, good for all)

– A quarter of the orange (good for metabolism)

– A quarter of lime (pure, against kidney stones)

– Quarters of lemon (good for all, clean, soothe, refresh, protects against viruses)

– 150 g/5.3 oz of pineapple (for digestion, full of vitamins, sweet health)

– Ginger, root, thumb-sized, chopped (good for the whole body)


The amount specified in the recipe does not have to strictly be followed (and if you do not have all the necessary some can be omitted).

Finally, you should get about one liter of beverage, but still its volume can increase by adding a little water.

Add the ingredients in blender and mix well – serve immediately.