Due to unhealthy eating, irregular breathing, stress and other factors, our bodies are not getting a sufficient amount of energy. Toxins accumulate in the body and offers easy access to load and imbalance in the body, so that the balance is reestablished ailing organs are forced to draw energy from a healthy body.

This is also the reason why most people feel too tired and listless, even regardless of how they have obligations and worries in life.

The method of acupressure and acupuncture is based on the principle that holds that the human body is perfectly networked instrument, through which flows a certain channel or meridians making the collection of interconnected systems.dreamstimefree_6295591

As long as energy or electricity to flow freely through these meridians body is healthy. It is believed that there are about 900 points on the body that are associated with meridians and our internal organs.

Acupressure comes from the word “Aku” pin and “presura” press. By stimulating certain points of the thumb, index finger or some blunt object launching the flow of energy, which then travels to the appropriate authorities and for the most energizing and healing. In the case of acupressure, commonly used points on the palm or foot.

Name of acupressure has obvious similarities with acupuncture. But between these two noble skills, there are some differences. While acupuncture requires prior training, experience, and skills, acupressure can be applied without problems to anyone.

Likewise, when acupuncture is used by certain pins of gold and silver, while in acupressure treatment is done by simply clicking on a particular body part.

A method of treating pressure

A key factor in human health and its optimal functioning of the endocrine system, or a system of glands with internal secretion.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones through which control metabolism, regulate the functions of the brain and all the organs, but also made ​​the adjustment of the organism to changes in the environment and thus  protect against disease. The proper functioning of the endocrine system depends not only our physical health, but our emotional and mental state.

Many of the problems that are normally considered psychic are in fact caused by poor performance of one or more glands. If there is a disturbance in one gland, or the other will not work, given that they are closely related to one another.

By stimulating certain points on the palm of bringing the endocrine system in balance and thus provide a fundamental requirement for optimum health.

The solar plexus in the balance

According to ancient eastern disciplines solar plexus is the center of the body. Makes it a great tangle of nerves in the abdomen and is the control center for all the organs in the abdominal cavity.

Prior to each session of acupressure is to make sure our state of the solar plexus. When lifting heavy objects, bloating or gas, this center can be affected, or get out of its natural position, and move up or down.

Upwards from coming to prison, moving down in increased peristalsis.

If the solar plexus for a long time is shifted and is not corrected, can lead to more serious illnesses.

Remember, one of the main causes of colon cancer is chronic constipation. Also, faulty plexus can cause a host of other problems such as pain in the abdominal organs, difficulty breathing and more.

Check the solar plexus can be done on an empty stomach by simply pressing the navel while lying on his back. If you feel a pulsation in the navel, solar plexus is fine, but if you feel the pulsing below or above the belly button, it means that the solar plexus is up or down. That there is a specific disorder. Of course, we should not create a panic because the solar plexus can return to normal following a very simple method:

The first regular practice of breathing techniques which will be held plexus in the correct position (strengthens the muscles and organs of the abdominal cavity)

Second pressing acupressure points to the solar plexus, which is located roughly halfway in between the palm, so massaging and pressing area can cause the desired effect

Exercise 3 position correction that is performed in the following manner:

Place your right palm on the inside of his left elbow and press firmly. With jerk lift the left arm and try to touch your left shoulder with his outstretched thumb.

Once you have repeated jolts 20 times, and do the same on the right hand, also 20 times. Performing exercises recommended in the morning on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after a meal.healingtouch

Energize and refresh

In the evening, it is recommended to massage my feet, soles and sheets as they are throughout the day wore body weight. In order to maintain good health and optimum best daily massage entire palm and wrist area where the point of the lymph glands.

If when you press certain point we feel pain, it means that there is a problem in the organ with which this point is connected.

Usually these are: the point of the stomach (just below the place where the thumb and index finger) due to unhealthy food and nervousness, point to the kidneys (mid-palm) due to overload the body with toxins, and Venus hill (wide fleshy part at the base of the thumb) which indicates the problem with glands.

Thoroughly rub the hands and feet as regular servicing cars. The human body is to be the vehicle that takes us through life. The more you take care of it, it’s you that best serves and takes much longer.

Acupressure is a simple skill that can cure a variety of diseases, ranging from mild to severe, and bad habits. Thus, pressing the top of a particular finger longer than 3 minutes, it is possible to cause anesthetic effect in the case of headache, toothache or pain in the abdomen.

For continuous pressure can be applied clip or rubber band. Rubbing the spot in the middle of the chin 2 times a day 2-6 minutes it’ll problems with constipation.

For people older than 40 years recommended massaging points on the middle right hand. By treating these points reduces the flow of energy from the body and the person feel more vital, regardless of age.