Tibetan monks have healthy teeth into old age, it was the same in ancient times, when in the mountainous regions of commercial pastes and dentists have never heard.

Want to know their secret? Very easy!

In half a cup of boiled and cooled water pour 1 tablespoon coarse salt. One minute stir vigorously with a spoon, and then remove and discard the foam formed.

With the toothbrush catch a few crystals and wash the teeth with a mixture of normal movements, morning and evening after meals.

Rinse your teeth  with the water from the same glass.

The teeth are becoming very white, gum strengthening and gaining a pink color.

The salt water immediately increased sensitivity to cold and hot and sour-sweet.

They become more sensitive for a while, but it will soon pass.

By the way, these unpleasant feelings, give very expensive toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Be patient a little “salt” paste, not only destroys the pathogenic bacteria of the oral cavity, but for a very short time strengthens tooth enamel, “cementing” the cracks and bumps on the teeth.

source: CuisineHealth