Temperatures slowly but surely climb, which means that you can relax with this sweet dessert

Homemade ice cream that you can make for a few minutes and enjoy in it without any guilt.


-3 medium bananas or 3 tablespoons frozen fruit choice

-1/2 tablespoon vanilla seeds

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder and ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

-Little Indian nuts

-3.5 cups waterHealthy and Without Fat: Simplest Ice Cream in the World


In a blender mix the Indian nuts and water, then add the vanilla ingredients to get liquid mixture.

Once you get the mixture, add the frozen bananas, and mix with top speed until you get a creamy mixture.

If you use other fruit, at the beginning when you mix the Indian nuts with the water, add honey.

Leave it for a few hours in the refrigerator and your dessert is ready.