Americans like to say that cholesterol broken more hearts than “belle of the ball” to the prom.

Excess cholesterol beautiful along the arterial walls, and soon it becomes clogged artery and hinders the flow of blood, causing angina, heart attack or stroke.

Because of the bad qualities that we call bad cholesterol. What it is less, for you is better.

HDL is the good cholesterol or useful that “washed” the walls of arteries and removes the harmful LDL.

What was more, the better for you.Drink lemon and garlic to lower blood fats.garlic-lemon


1 kg lemon

30 lobes domestic garlic

1 liter of water


-Cut lemon slices and garlic crushed in the reconciliation envisaged for it but not the whole lobes place because of some compounds of garlic released only when it squeeze ..

-put in 1 liter of boiling water.

-Put the water to boil and when you boil then suddenly throw lemon and garlic, let a couple of minutes!

-Little let it cool, then take sterile gauze and through her wring liquid in a plastic bottle (of water).

-Now Wrap the gauze around the pieces of lemon that nothing turns out well and squeeze out all the liquid and a little mushy as you manage to squeeze ..

-Thin gloves I recommend the hands of those thin surgical.

-Beverage color ranges from yellowish to greenish depending on garlic (from a domestic green ..) and drop nearly full bottle of 1, 5 l.

-Every day to drink 0, 3-0, 5  three times a day-that’s recommendations and I know that people are drinking and once or twice ..

-Kept in the refrigerator.the-most-efficient-detox-

Without worrying garlic smell but lemon neutralize so that you can drink when you are going to work!

I hope it will help someone.