The food that you consume in a meal before and after the workout has a great impact on the durability of the body, and the energy levels. In particular, it is crucial to know what and when to eat if you want to tighten before the summer.

What task has the meal before a workout?

Meal before training is to prepare your body for the hard physical activity. Specifically, you need food that will fill the batteries to endure the strain. That means you must not eat foods that burden the body and cause problems with digestion.

Shortly before exercising never enter large amounts of fat, even if it is a healthy fat. They need some time to digest, so you may cause abdominal pain during exercise.

But on the other hand is risky and nothing you eat before a workout. In this way you risk you cancel a muscle and cause enormous stress on the body.

What should you eat before a workout?

Bananas – the ideal source of carbohydrates. Moreover pretty long held feeling of satiety, which is a good guarantee that the body will submit a good workout.

Tomatoes – an excellent source of potassium, which prevents muscle fatigue.

Nuts – packed with fiber that provide long-term source of energy and does not burden the digestive system.

Whole grains from whole grain oats – contain fiber and vitamin B, which actively participates in the process of harnessing energy from the body.

Peanut butter – is recommended for the energy you give, just do not overdo the quantity. 2 teaspoons are quite sufficient.

What task has a meal after a workout?

When you finish training, your body needs all the elements necessary for the formation of muscle mass. On top of this list are proteins, minerals and vitamins.

What should you eat after a workout?

White chicken or turkey meat – packed with protein, so it will contribute to the formation of muscle.

Boiled eggs – only 1 boiled egg which contains about 6.3 grams of protein.

Milk – has an important role in building muscle after training.

Green vegetables – rich in magnesium, which helps make them easier to overcome pain, spasms and inflammation following strenuous exercise.

Orange juice – vitamin C in combination with potassium is also super light weight tired muscles.Healthy Spring Training: What to Eat Before and After Exercise?

What to eat in case you feel pain in the muscles?

Red pepper – contains vitamin C which is essential for recovery of tendons and muscles.

Trout – fresh or canned, full of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins that relax the bones, tendons and ligaments. Plus, if you eat any food rich in omega 3 fatty acids (flax seed, walnuts) it is equally as spill water ice on inflamed muscles.

Carrot – vitamin A-rich carrots is necessary to fight infections that may occur as a result of an injury.

Almonds – Almonds only 20 are enough to fill in vitamin E, which is an essential antioxidant way to maintain a healthy immune system.

Perfect shake after a hard training:

-200ml/6.76 oz milk with low fat

-50g/1.76 oz blueberries – antioxidant

-50g/1.76 oz raspberries – manganese and vitamin C

-2 tablespoons yogurt with low-fat

-100ml/3.38 oz orange juice – Vitamin C

-½ banana – Vitamin B6

-Several ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a blender and drink the shake half hour after workout.

How to recognize that not eating properly?

The first symptoms that you may notice that you are not eating properly before and after the workout nausea, stomach cramps, belching, low sugar, instinct for vomiting, bloating, dehydration.