Do you tend to eat dinner late in the evening? If you do this often, you know that it’s time to change that habit.

In the evening and during the night, our metabolism slows down and don’t care if we eat candy or high cholesterol meal.

You should also avoid overly spicy and hot dishes, as well as foods rich with protein (red meat, chicken, eggs, cheese, legumes) because it requires more time to digest and during the night will have problems with indigestion and sleeping.

This bad habit reflects our body line and health. Today we are talking about a new study that showed that late meals increase the risk of breast cancer.How late meals affect our health?

American researchers have found that regular balanced meals and early evening can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

After the meal our body dissolves carbohydrates into glucose that enters the bloodstream.

Insulin removes excess glucose from the bloodstream into cells where it’s used as an energy source.

When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, blood sugar remains high, a large number of scientific studies have demonstrated that it is a risk factor for breast cancer.