Question: How often should I change the pillow on which you sleep with? Once a year? According to experts, it is necessary to do more often than you think, even every six months, and the secret hidden with long used pillows truly awful.sleep

Nearly 70% of people claim to a comfortable pillow is crucial for a good night’s sleep, but many make a crucial mistake that too using one and the same pillow. In fact, according to Robert Oexmana, director of the Institute Sleep to Live, a pillow should be changed every six months and at least every two years.

Mattresses need to be replaced every five to ten years, and although the majority knows what dirty secrets hiding mattress on which you sleep, most people do not even think of all the dangers that are hidden in the pillow, reports The Huffington Post.

According to Robert Oexmana danger longtime use the same bag does not hide the loss of its shape and strength, but in the terrible things that are hidden within it – just next to which you do not want to sleep.

Specifically, the pillow on which every night, keep head eventually became home to a variety of creatures and dead skin cells. Dirt, grease and dead skin cells remain trapped in the bag and longtime use the same bag can lead to the development of acne.

Dust mites, which belong to the family of spiders also like to linger in the crevices of pillows. ‘Dust mites can not be seen with the naked eye, but they linger on things like blankets and carpets, “says Mark R. Neustr the Association, Kansas City Allergy and Asthma Associates.sleep

But with mites, the health of the more dangerous accumulations of dust in the bag, which can cause serious health problems. Specifically, as noted Neustr, about 20% of people have problems with allergies, and even two-thirds of them allergic to dust mites, which are found indoors.

Unlike an allergy to cat hair, a protein that causes allergic reactions to dust mites is not normally in the air and are therefore expressed allergy symptoms in the morning clear sign that the problem is probably hiding in the pillow on which you sleep. Also, according to experts, those who have a year round allergy problem is desirable to be tested for allergy to dust mites.

The good news is that even these mites, except for allergic asthma risk and do not spread any other disease. But that certainly does not mean you want to sleep surrounded by thousands of mites. Airtight covers for mattresses and pillows can be of help, just like regular washing of bedding, which includes a washing bag. In addition, you can throw pillows and a half hours in the dryer and thus solve at least part of mites.

When you decide to buy a new handbag, it is certainly important to choose one that fills the gap between the well head and shoulders. The perfect pillow flattens head when you settle into your favorite position.

Individuals who sleep on their stomach or back more necessary is somewhat thinner pillow and thicker pillows better for those who sleep on their side. According to Mark R. Neustroma, choice of pillows filled with foam or gel is completely an individual choice, and it is important to note that when you change your mattress and pillow should change.

Specifically, a new mattress is different strength and old pillow is unlikely to meet the gap between the head and shoulders, which in turn can result in back pain and neck pain.