Hair is a vital part of the identity of many people. It is important to know how often is necessary and healthy to wash your hair.

Curly hair is thicker, but also because of the shape of the hair, does not allow sebum so easy formation, and is automatically and often dry, unlike other types of hair.

Therefore, thinner, straight hair has to wash more often, while the thick and curly hair should be monitored approximately every three days.

Good to average is washing your hair twice a week, “said hair stylist Scott Cornwall for the Huffington Post”.

If you have very long, thick and curly hair, which requires a long time in order to see, once a week should be enough frequent washing of such pieces, in order to prevent breaking the hair, because this type of hair or dry,” explained Cornwall.

Hairdressers are further complicated the matter by saying that the hair conditioner does not have to be used at the same time as the shampoo, because shampoo cleans and conditioner gives the hair texture.

Therefore, if you have straight hair and want the ‘messy’ look, you can wash your hair every day, or use a conditioner every four to five days.

Apparently, the use of water and natural ingredients are ideal for achieving a balance of the scalp. However, experts advise that you know your hair and the way she reacts to different preparations would be accompanied by piece – as many times as you estimate that it is necessary.

source: SpicyLife